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Eco-rating Mercury Omega-3s


Walleye is found in lakes across North America and has been commercially fished in the Great Lakes since the 1800s. The majority of walleye cold in the U.S. comes from Lake Eerie.

Recommended servings per month

Contaminant Men Women Kids 6-12 Kids 0-5
Walleye Mercury, *PCBs 2 2 1 1

* This fish has been shown to have elevated PCB levels in some places. Please visit the EPA’s National Listing of Fish Advisories to check for any consumption alerts in your area.

Eco details: 
  • As with many great lakes species, walleye populations have declined due to overfishing, habitat damage, and non native species that both compete for food or prey on walleye.
  • This species is naturally resilient to fishing pressure and although it has suffered a few drastic declines, it is now considered to be rebuilding.