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At a glance

Eco-rating Mercury Omega-3s
+-Barramundi (Farmed - U.S.)

More about Baramundi

This coastal species is found throughout the Indo-West Pacific, from the Persian Gulf to Southern Japan. The barramundi spends most of its life in rivers, before returning downstream to spawn in estuaries. Barramundi is the most important commercial fish species in Australia.

Commercial Sources

Barramundi come primarily from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia. Most fish on the U.S. market are likely from Indonesia and the U.S.

Capture Methods

Barramundi come from wild fisheries and fish farms. Barramundi are farmed in both closed recirculating tanks and open netpens.

Recommended servings per month

Contaminant Men Women Kids 6-12 Kids 0-5
Barramundi (Farmed - U.S.) Unknown 4 4 4 4
Eco details: 
  • U.S. barramundi are farmed in closed recirculating tanks, which allow farmers to eliminate fish escapes and minimize disease transfer and pollution.
  • Avoid barramundi imported from the Indo-Pacific, as they are commonly farmed in open "leaky" net pens or cages that carry higher risks of fish escapes, pollution and disease.