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At a glance

Eco-rating Mercury Omega-3s


The wolffish is a solitary "lone wolf" dweller that prefers rocky Atlantic ocean bottoms. It is a highly commercial species and can grow up to 5 feet, or 152 cm in length.

Commercial Sources

Atlantic wolffish are found in the North Atlantic Ocean. In the eastern Atlantic, they occur from the White and North Seas to the British Isles through eastern Greenland and Iceland. In the western Atlantic, they range from Labrador to Massachusetts.

The main sources of Atlantic wolffish are the Russian Federation and Iceland. Atlantic wolffish sold in the U.S. market are primarily from the United States, Canada and Iceland.

Capture Methods

Atlantic wolffish come from marine fisheries, not fish farms. They are primarily caught with bottom trawls. Additional types of fishing gear include gillnets, hooks-and-lines and traps.

Recommended servings per month

Contaminant Men Women Kids 6-12 Kids 0-5
Wolffish Mercury 4+ 4+ 4+ 3
Eco details: 
  • Wolffish are caught primarily by bottom trawls and gillnets, which result in high levels of bycatch and habitat damage.
  • Very little is known about their populations, but as slow-growing and sedentary fish, they are likely susceptible to overfishing.