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Red porgy

Red porgy

Red porgy

At a glance

Eco-rating Mercury Omega-3s
+-Red porgy (U.S.)


Red porgies are medium-sized, humpbacked fish with compact, stocky bodies. They are speckled with small blue spots and tinged with silver; tails and fins are more pinkish.

Red Porgies are born female, and after a number of years become males.

Their range stretches from New York to Argentina and they are also found in the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea.

Commercial Sources

The main sources for red porgy is the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Ocean.

Capture Methods

Red porgies come from marine fisheries, not fish farms. They are primarily caught with handline fishing gear, such as hook and line.

Recommended servings per month

Contaminant Men Women Kids 6-12 Kids 0-5
Red porgy (U.S.) Mercury 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+
Eco details: 
  • In the South Atlantic, red porgy populations appear to be recovering, although stocks remain overfished.
  • The status of populations in the Gulf of Mexico is unknown.
  • Management practices in the South Atlantic red porgy fishery are stricter than those in the Gulf of Mexico fishery.
  • Bycatch is a concern in both the South Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The hand fishing gear used does little damage to the ocean floor and habitat.